Recommended Marriott hotels in Hawaii?

Discussion created by sillyredn3k on Jul 11, 2018
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Greetings all! I am new to this Insiders forum (like, 30 minutes new) and hoping to get some good feedback from as many of you that are willing to post! 


My wife and I have been planning to travel to Hawaii for quite some time and are ready to pull the trigger. The devaluation of Marriott Travel Packages is sort of pressuring us into a redemption and booking before 01 AUG. So here we go...


1. We're looking at Memorial Day weekend/week following in 2019. (I know nothing about Hawaii peak seasons).

2. We're not tied to any specific island, but I think we're committed to a travel package and a 7 night stay at one property. We could possibly be convinced to island hop and abandon the package.

3. This seems silly, but my recent job has led me away from home the last couple of years and I'm a Platinum member. For next year, I will likely be Platinum Premier Elite w/ Ambassador. It's always a crapshoot, but do any of the hotels you know of cater to their elites better? Ex: resorts that give you breakfast? History of upgrades??

4. We like to get out and explore some. We're not the type of people to relax by the hotel pool for an entire week.


I think that will help frame what we might be looking for. I appreciate any advice that you have! Many thanks!