Domes of Elounda & Domes Noruz Chania currently not accepting reservations for dates beyond early November 2018

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These two luxury Autograph Collection properties, Luxury Hotel in Elounda, Crete | Autograph Collection  and Luxury Adults-Only Hotel in Chania, Crete | Autograph Collection will be increasing their redemption prices by 40,000/night and 15,000/night respectively in August 2018.  However, when I try to book one of these properties using points (the reservation calendar extends out to June 2019), there is absolutely zero availability for points redemption stays beyond the first week of November 2018 through June 2019.  I find it impossible to believe that every single night in both of these properties is unavailable on points (at this time) from November 2018 through June 2019 (June being almost a full year away).  I'm also pretty sure that these are year round properties (they don't shut down during the low season, which is October through April.)  There are point savers available every day for this October, and then - nothing.


This leads me to believe that these properties have purposefully shut down the ability to reserve rooms (beyond October) at this time, so as to prevent members from booking at the current redemption rates and thereby forcing members to book at upcoming inflated rates.  And boy are they inflated.  If this is truly the case, it seems rather unethical to me.


Looking at the new redemption chart and sorting (thanks erc) on the points difference column from high to low, one can see that literally dozens upon dozens of the most aspirational, luxury, high end properties will be increasing by 14,000 points/night or more, and many more dozens upon dozens of the most desirable properties going up by 10,000 points/nights or more.  I don't have an issue with redemption inflation, it's a fact of life and we see it every year... Usually it comes annually in 5,000/night increments... When it comes in 15,000, 20,000 or 40,000 increments, and we are denied the ability to book prior to the redemption schedule update, well, I am tempted to cry foul here.  With so many properties increasing - I can't check them all...  Even if it's just these two properties that have put the kaputz on redeeming nights at current prices, it still seems wrong to my mind (if this is in fact the case.)


Has anyone else tried to book a reward redemption at an aspirational property that will see a huge redemption increase starting next month, only to find that availability has been - cut off?  Am I missing something?  Thoughts?  fistuk ?


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