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Reservations Canceled At Fault of Hotel and Nothing Has Been Done - Trip is 16 days away!

Question asked by tde1980 on Jul 9, 2018

I have a trip coming up in 16 days, for 3 reservations, and I am Elite Status. The hotel emailed a couple of days ago to say construction is preventing them from honoring our stay, and I contacted the hotel, to which they said I couldn't contact the Marriott because they are a franchise. However, the Autograph Collection is still under the Marriott brand. Our hotel stays have been canceled, and we have already booked hotel and cruise transfers to this location. Now we don't have a hotel to stay at, and our flight leaves in 16 days. Mind you this was for a prime location, which is now booked and nearby hotels prices have skyrocketed.


I spoke with another Marriott representative today, after opening a case and told to call back. She claimed there is nothing she can do, and when I asked for a number to corporate or someone who could be of assistance, she gave me a number that turned out to be fraud and not in service. I'm still on hold now trying to reach the department again.


I just held an event at Marriott the 18 days ago, which we secured 30 rooms and 2 ballrooms. This is an annual event that we have brought to Marriott. We have 2 pending contracts, which I let the sales representatives at those two hotels know I would not be signing until I received satisfactory service on this current issue. The Sales Departments, and Event Planners, at the hotel said please don't let this one property keep my company and family from doing business with them or any other Marriott brand. However, this is an unacceptable issue and if Marriott treats Elite members like this, how will they treat people in my event party who are not Elite Status.


The location is Miami Beach, and the rooms were Oceanfront. Imagine trying to find Oceanfront rooms 16 days away from arrival. Imagine securing those rooms, if you can find them, at the price you were guaranteed when you booked the rooms months ago! It WON"T HAPPEN! This beyond unsatisfactory! I expect better from Marriott hotels.


This is a direct representation of the Marriott brand, and it is completely unacceptable. Reservations are canceled 18 days before arrival, with no other option, no compensation, no friendly service, etc... This has disrupted our entire trip and caused unnecessary stress because we are flying in with no where to stay, all because our reservations were canceled at no fault of our own. Someone needs to contact us immediately!