Transferring more than 50 k points - Hard, but possible

Discussion created by alwweb on Jul 7, 2018
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Wow, that was a lot harder than I thought, but I just did a screen shot on my lifetime points, and it worked.  Only 110,333 points to go and 75k of that should be my Marriott Business Card bonus.


It took 3 phone calls (4 if you count them calling me back) and quite a bit of frustration to book my fly/stay reservation combination to be able to transfer points from my hubby.  Now, the 3-5 business day wait and then I get to see how hard or easy it is to upgrade our flights to first class.


Call 1 - Sorry o0o0o0o0o0o...points! , they would not transfer my husband's points on round 1 because I had 331k in my account.  They will only transfer more than 50k if you don't have the difference.  On the final round, they used ALL of my points (not the odd 299 - I guess they didn't want to do that math) and only transferred 104,000 of my husband's 109,500.  Again, I was told that you can only transfer what you can't cover yourself.


I booked two tentative upcoming trips.  I may cancel them if I can't get enough lifetime points before those trips and switch them to pay, but for now, they are out there and lowered my point level to where my husband's points would be needed.  


Call 2 - Started to help me, made my husband get on the phone (for the 2nd time now) and confirm who he was, etc., but when I said I wanted to transfer over 50k because I was booking immediately, she said she needed to get a representative that could help me.  She dumped me back in the general pool.  Really???  This was when I dialed in on the platinum line.


Call 3 - Started by making sure he could help before making my husband go through the pain again. He could not, but when I said, I've been here before, don't dump me back in the pool, he said he wasn't doing that.  He needed help from someone else and would get him on the line, but would also stay on the line.  He started my reservation info while waiting for someone to help him.  When we were still waiting on hold, he offered to call me back when the other person picked up, so I gave him my number.


Call 4 - a short time later he called back.  They had everything done. They were both on the call at this point and confirmed my Hawaiian Air miles # and said those should show up within 3-5 business days. They emailed my reservation for the new hotel. 


Everytime I refresh my pages my points and activity change, so I'm going to wait again and make sure everything is good, BUT, I have 104,000 points towards my lifetime that I would not have otherwise had.  I also have a stay in Laie Hawaii booked. No more dreaming of staying on points at Ko'Olina, but that is the price I am willing to pay for my LPP.