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How should I go about earning 179 more nights?

Question asked by zahn.christopher on Jul 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2018 by nipper

Hi all! As of writing this, there are 179 days left in 2018. It just so happens that I am 179 elite nights short of Lifetime Gold. Ideally, I'd like to achieve Lifetime Gold (under the current method of achieving 500 nights, points are a non-factor). I switched to Marriott 3 years ago and have attained Platinum status each year accumulating 321 lifetime nights. This is enough for Silver for life (which transfers to Silver for life in the new system). If you're Lifetime Gold, you become Lifetime Platinum...which seems like a pretty sweet deal. Since I've only been with Marriott (and Platinum) for 3 years, I would hate to have to wait 7 more years before earning Lifetime Platinum under their new system...hence my question: What's the best way to earn 179 more nights before the year is up?


I have the Marriott Premier Chase credit card. I did not upgrade to the Premier Plus card. I should still be earning my 15 annual nights, which will knock the 179 down to 164 nights. I also get 1 elite night for ever $3,000 I spend on it, but I don't think spending half a million dollars is going to work. I have 200,000 Marriott points and a bunch of Chase Ultimate Rewards Miles (from the Chase Sapphire Reserve).


Another question: I have 27 lifetime SPG nights, will those merge and count towards Marriott lifetime status?


Aside from burning through all my points at Category 1 hotels, and paying for nights...are there any creative ways of attaining elite nights? Anyway, any thoughts on this challenge would be most helpful. Thanks!