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Using points for a reserved block of rooms

Question asked by rooks on Jul 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2018 by rooks

I am a Platinum member and will be attending a wedding in September. We wanted to use points for this stay and were told by the people who manage the central reservations line that the hotel was sold out, but that there was a block of rooms being held for the wedding guests. However they could not allow me to use my points for one of those rooms.  They told me that only someone at the hotel could make an adjustment to the room block that would allow us to use points for our stay. The centralized reservation supervisor told me basically "There's nothing we can do,  but if you want you can pay for the room at the wedding rate.  Otherwise, I can't help you.  If you want to do something you can call the hotel yourself."  I have called and emailed hotel management directly and can’t get anyone to respond. 


Any ideas?   Thanks