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How do I escalate a complaint?

Question asked by novakdp3 on Jul 4, 2018
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Following a good, but far from great, 7-night stay at the Ritz Carlton Amelia Island, I left detailed feedback on the survey I received via email. I noted that while my family had a great vacation, the hotel failed to meet any of our expectations and damaged our impression of the Ritz Carlton brand. Someone from guest services quickly contacted me to ask if we could discuss my feedback. I readily agreed, and admired the proactive nature of the guest services department. We set a time, but then nothing happened.


Monday, June 4th at 1pm central time, no call came through. So I called them, but was sent to voicemail. I followed up with an email, but still have not received a response. I would think the Ritz Carlton has systems and redundancies in place such that a dissatisfied customer could not simply fall through the cracks. But then I remembered our stay at Amelia Island... Over-promising and under-delivering was the recurring theme.


Since communicating with the individual in guest services, I have followed up with Marriott/Ritz Carlton twice via email. I sent a message to on 6/11, then to, AND on 6/21. I still have not heard back from anyone! I cannot understand what is going on.


I would like to speak with someone in member services or customer care, but I cannot seem to get anyone's attention.