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No help from customer service. Just joined Marriott June 2017. Travel excessively but way should I stay with Marriott.

Question asked by boomer21848 on Jul 3, 2018
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We arrived Saturday night around 12:30 am and the check in went smoothly. Then our nightmare started. We unlocked our room and smelled the chemical cleaning odor right away.Tired from our west coast flight my husband went to sleep - we reserved a 2 bedroom - I wanted to relax with some tea on the sofa and noticed big stains on the sofa and more stains on the chair. I turned over the sofa pillows more stains and a urine smell. Decided to go to sleep only to discover that my bed had been slept in. Called the front desk and was told to come and get clean linens. Made my bed and kicking off my shoes I felt the whole carpet was damp and at some places wet.  The manager told me the next day that the carpet had been cleaned that AM. The next morning I was stunned to find dried food and food stains on the kitchen chairs, sofa and the glass of the fireplace. The bathroom  doors were sticky with "???". We were moved to a new room. It looked clean and my granddaughter arrived. We were babysitting her and the Inn and pool had looked great on the website. I wiped down the kitchen table for her to have a snack and again was stunned at how filthy it was. I bought some Lysol and wiped the doors and tables. The air conditioner died two hours later and we were moved to room 3. Upon entering this room there was a strong burning smell.   Dennis - what a gentleman - helped us move checked the room but could not find anything. A bit later, still trying to locate the source of the odor I checked the inside of the oven and the whole bottom was covered with a layer of burned foodstuff. Dirty pan was still in the oven. I did not call the manager since I did not want them to turn on the oven for automatic cleaning then  that smell would have been worse. The manager did bring up a little bag with 4 pieces of candy for my granddaughter "for the inconvenience" she said. 
The first morning I went down for breakfast and as I was waiting to talk to the manager there was a guest standing at the check in counter with a little dog laying on the actual check in counter. The dog walked over the check in counter towards were I was standing and from the looks of it this happened before. The desk clerk behind the counter did not say a word. I was somewhat surprised and the guest saw my look and asked if the dog was bothering me. I did not respond and the guest called his dog back. The dog walked back over the actual desk and keyboard of the computer. Again the desk clerk said nothing. When the manager came out I said that I thought it was not very hygienic to have a dog walk over the check in counter. She agreed and would talk to the guest.  The next AM the dog was still walking on the counter the manager was there and so was the desk clerk. Yes, I grew up with dogs and have had dogs my whole adult life. So no dog hater here. Upon check out I told the desk clerk I was not paying for the first night. When she asked why I showed her the pictures of the dirty rooms. Fine she said and credited me the first night. No look of shock, disgust or surprise on her face while looking at the pics. No apology either. 
Best part: pool and Dennis. The rest of the staff was pleasant enough. Would have gone to another hotel but my granddaughter made friends with this other little girl at the pool the first day and since I already wiped the rooms down with Lysol we decided to stay our scheduled 5 days. The burnt smell was somewhat alleviated  with leaving the windows open in the living room area with AC and fan going. The dead bugs under the bathroom sink did not made me a big fan of this hotel. 
The managers response was come back next year after the renovations. Really????