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This hotel has ZERO customer service.  No matter what happens to you the only thing they may do is apologize.  Last year I went and the heating broke in the room, I called down and then went down to reception to address it. The desk manager stated he was sorry.  I responded with ok and what are you going to do about it? (It was freezing and I didn't have time to get sick on this trip) I said well a hot chocolate to warm me up and the heating getting fixed would be a start.  The manager sent me extra blankets and tried to charge me $7 for a cup of Swiss miss.  


The lounge is worse than a Springhill or town place and again the service is awful.  The lounge is not stocked after breakfast, so there is no juice or soda or any snacks there at all and its basically open on the ground floor so anyone can walk in (which is probably why nothing is in there).  For breakfast all I ate was cereal, as there really wasn't anything else there, a couple of strange items like fish and peppers?  It was really a awful set-up.  The old lounge was better when I stayed a year or two ago.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you! I’ve tried it twice and both times awful it’s not worth the location conv near the airport and it’s still 50 mins down town regardless so just get a place elsewhere.