Why Marriotts differ so much?

Discussion created by ukgirl on Jul 2, 2018
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I stay with Marriott because of the beds, lounge and service.  Yes, I admit I enjoy the lounge.  Don’t misunderstand not all Marriotts keep me satisfied especially the Tampa ones! Awful all of them! Well except the epicurean which I haven’t stayed at. The best Marriott with top service and the best lounge ever is the Crystal Gateway Marriott in crystal city Arlington.  Now that I’ve droaned on my point was... has anyone noticed that Marriotts overseas lack serious customer service? The hotel heating breaks in your room in winter and they charge you for a hot chocolate to warm up? They offer you nothing not even another room, just a blanket!  I stayed at the London Heathrow Marriott which looks great but service is awful the lounge is awful, horrible breakfast random food like nasty scrambled eggs, lettuce(!) tomatoe, mackerel and bread. NO juice or anything after hours or after breakfast. My welcome gift I chose a small ice cream and they said they didn’t have any even though they have a kitchen full of it on the menu.  Again the worst thing was the lounge, the second was the maid that changed towels and that was it beds still unmade when we returned each day. The front desk staff never smiled and were never helpful.  Regardless of how countries are with customer service I would’ve thought Marriotts stayed the same? At least at most they attempt to rectify the issues.  Just go elsewhere, there are several hotels within walking distance.