Should I wait to stay at a brand new luxury hotel? Cavalier!

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I'm starting this thread off of a reply I did a week or so ago... This time I'm adding the fact that no points have been added to my account after 10 days...


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My wife and I just returned from an anniversary weekend at the Cavalier and had a wonderful time. The doorman John was fabulous as were several others. Wesley our waiter in the Hunt Room, William the bellboy and Michael at the bar in Becca. The food was fantastic at both Becca and the Hunt Room!!!!


Now for the not so great news... Much of the staff seems seasonal and is not up to standards for a hotel that is touting itself as luxury. 


Housekeeping: Upon arriving in our suite... which we paid for and did not upgrade, one of our pillows had makeup or self tanning on it... additionally the same substance was on both sides of the bathroom door. The engineer that brought us a replacement pillow also came back to clearn the door and was very nice. The fact that they had their house distilled bourbon in the room was nice and I made me a glass to try it out. It was then that I found the sticker was still on the glass. So apparently it hadn't been washed. There were limited items in the bathroom and we had to call down to see if they had some q-tips... were told they did not... a few minutes later some were located and brought to our room.


Room service: We ordered dinner in the first night and this was a nice meal overall, however I did have to show them how to open a bottle of wine with a cork screw... Sorry I didn't order a twist off...


Overall service: We took the shuttle down to the beach club since my wife has trouble walking and were told to just have them call up when we needed a ride back. This was extremely nice for lunch. After lunch and a brief walk on the beach we asked them to call and were told that the shuttle only came on the hour since they were busy with check-ins... which would leave us stranded for a half hour. Upon further insistence they called and were able to have the shuttle come right away. John the wonderful doorman was driving. 


Gift Shop: Very limited items in the gift shop and it was hit or miss when it was open. This was a last minute trip which we were not coming from home so some essentials were not available, such as sunscreen... although we did find some in the minibar in the room. 


Arrival Gift/Points: I don't think I was offered this and should have said something before I left but didn't feel up to the discussion after a long day at the beach. After all they did acknowledge my platinum status when I checked in...


Late checkout: I had asked for a late checkout to hit the beach one more time and was told the latest they could do was 1pm. Not sure why they couldn't do later but was told it was because the arrivals were coming in early. So I suppose they got an early checkin which mean I had to budge. I'm sure they are platinum members too.


There is a lot here and I'm sure my wife could come up with more. But, the overall trip was nice, the hotel is stunning! The staff and attention to detail need to improve a lot! Maybe we might try it again in a couple years...