Unacceptable Hospitality home away from home!

Discussion created by j512cla on Jul 4, 2018


I am so sadden to have the worst experience with our recent stay at the San Francisco Fisherman Wharf. We arrived for a check in on the 29th June. I called earlier to inform the hotel our flight was delayed and was informed not too worry and the operator who was also taking care of the front desk assure me our rooms would be ready upon our arrival. Our flight arrived at 12:15am, then about another 30 minute ride from airport to hotel.

Upon our arrival I provided our stay confirmation, the gentleman at the front desk said he didn’t have any reservations for my two rooms and said he was completely sold out! I explained to him we have two confirmations with two rooms reserved and even on one of them I had requested and needed to change from our booked King to a double bed so my 4 yr would have his own bed (which I had already confirmed with the operator/front desk rep and assure no problem would note my reservation). After being in the lobby 30-45, he stood there lying to us (he ended up putting us in room 281 (worse mistake) and room 265), almost a 2:00 o’clock check-in at this time

Why would he even keep us 30-45 mins later telling us he had no reservations and completely telling me over and over you were sold out and absolutely no rooms available then give us rooms? That was a waste of time and distress for all of us. According to your Elite policy it states Guarantee rooms if not available we were to be put up at another hotel and be compensated.  Wouldn’t have this policy applied?  But instead, 30-45 minutes later, stressing me and my entire family. After giving us our room keys assigning the above mentioned rooms, he stated for us to check back later on that morning to get us change to a double bed for room 281. Now later on this Saturday morning, upon leaving this morning 30 June to head out for breakfast the young ladies stated our rooms were not ready for the double room request to check back upon our return.

We were being tourist all morning, upon our returning I stopped at the front desk to ask if our room were ready the older lady stated there were no double beds “plus no guarantees, since I booked originally a king size. Explain to her I was told we would get our room once we would return she never apologized with a very tired stern face. I asked if I could then have a roller-bed for my 4 yr old she said there would be a 20.00 charge. I explained why since I requested a double bed and I wasn’t at fault and the least Marriott could do is place a roller bed at no additional cost. The 20.00 dollars fee wasn’t the issue it was the entire principle of the worse customer service I had already experienced.  I also explained, room 281 was a disability room, no tub to give our 4 yr old a bath and worse right next to the fitness room where people that would drop the weights and wake my 4 year old at 5:00 am, people going in and out.  Absolutely, nothing, nothing was done for us.  The front desk, from neither the beginning the two men never said we are sorry, apologized, nor the lady working on the 30th offered an apology, I have been a Platinum and Gold Status in the past until recently and I was treated so badly and much uncalled for. 

Lastly, the one and only good note, the only human being that assisted my needs was a Gentlemen working on the 30th June during the day at the Concierge was Exceptional.  I applaud him for outstanding customer service and helped me out with restaurants recommendations with a smile and great hospitality.   Mr. Sorenson, you have always been great in helping me out with my International needs.  Can you please address that this be taken care of.  Customer Service and additional smiles can go a long way.

cc:  J.W. Marriott, Jr; Arne Sorenson