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Hotel Theft by Housekeeping

Question asked by matt.takacs on Jul 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2018 by techie

Hi all-


I recently stayed in a Marriott property in Cape Town, South Africa (Protea North Wharf) and had $500 US cash stolen from my room by the housekeepers. I immediately reported this to management and the head of security investigated.  Review of the key logs and CCTV showed two housekeepers as the only ones entering the room during this time period.  Needless to say I am furious and expect Marriott to reimburse me for my loss.  I am not having very much luck getting any movement on the case.  I am a rewards member and card holder and exclusively stay at Marriott properties while on business and vacation.  I am considering ending my allegiance to Marriott if this is not resolved.  I have even stated that I would accept rewards points if the cash cannot be reimbursed, although it would need to be worth much more than the equivalent of $500 if so.  Has anyone else had a similar experience and what was your result?