Lounge Review - Sheraton Plaza Clayton, Missouri (St. Louis)

Discussion created by clebert on Jul 1, 2018

Where are you, non-Bob?..... Sheraton Plaza Clayton (suburb of St. Louis, Missouri)


And what's the lounge like?  Small but well appointed.


How's the evening food? typical US lounge fare


Any free alcohol? No - sodas were Pepsi which is disappointing as SPGs used to have Coke products.  Lots of strange Crush soda flavors in the fridge as well.


What are the hours? Open 6am - midnight


And are they being meanies and closing the lounge at weekends? No, open 7 days per week


How about Gold/Plat breakfast?  Typical US type lounge breakfast is on offer here.  It was closed unexpectedly one morning, so we were offered complementary breakfast in the restaurant (Alexander's) which was fine.


Upgrades? Club level room, if you consider that an upgrade


Late Checkout? Didn't ask for or need


Comments... I appreciate Sheratons reliably having lounges, and it's great that even the US ones tend to be open on weekends, but this is an older hotel in need of some updates.  It was fine and typical of the Sheraton brand in the US.  I wouldn't seek it out, but I wouldn't recommend against it.  There is a very nice Ritz-Carlton just down the street that I would rather have stayed in, but for an older US Sheraton this is what you'd expect- nothing more and nothing less.  Clayton is a rather upscale area, but this is not a very upscale hotel.  It was fine, though, and was mostly full of business travelers like me as it's close to the courthouse and many large office buildings.  Many fun and interesting restaurants and bars were nearby, including Napoli and Louie's Wine Dive which were both very good.


OVERALL 3/5 - decent enough place but nothing fancy