Marriot Vacation Club doing me wrong

Discussion created by guillermomariscal on Jun 29, 2018

I purchased a One Bedroom Villa Package deal (ENCORE) from Marriott, I booked my dates and during the booking I was offered an upgraded package. The deal was $199 for a 2 bedroom villa instead of a 1 bedroom. I accepted and received a confirmation number. I invited friends and family and 4 of them purchased flight tickets to stay with me in the 2 bedroom villa.  Days later i received a email saying my reservation had been canceled. I called in to find out what was going on and they told me they could not honor my 2 bedroom villa anymore. I explained that I already invited people and they have purchased flights to stay with me.  They didn't care and didn't come up with a reasonable solution. Their solution was "$600 now and we will give you the 2 bedroom".  If i knew i had to pay $600 more than the original $1,200 I would have never invited my family and i wouldn't be in this situation.  After a couple phone calls nothing has been solved and I stress everyday on how I will accommodate my family on this trip.  They make me feel like it was my fault and I am in the wrong.