Spirt to Serve Award Nomination

Discussion created by ericaf2016 on Jun 28, 2018
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I would like to nominate Brentay Stewart for a Spirit to Serve award. My credit card was charged for a pre-pay stay, and the email confirmation from the hotel did not match with the amount my card was charged. I called the Marriott billing department and was fortunate enough to be connected to Brentay. She spent an hour researching the issue and trying to track down the actual charge--checking in with me periodically to provide updates. When she finally came back to me and said they couldn't find the charge anywhere, it was then that I realized the charge was for a different pre-pay stay that I had recently booked at another Marriott hotel. I felt absolutely awful that she had spent so much time researching something based on erroneous information I provided. Brentay was pleasant and helpful throughout the entire call, and she even laughed about it when I realized what had happened. She had the best attitude, and I was so thankful for her assistance and patience.


In the end, I still did need an invoice for the amount that was charged on my card, and once we determined which property it was for, she got in contact with the hotel and they emailed a copy to me right away.


Thank you, Brentay, for everything you did to assist!