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Calculating Platinum Years Total

Question asked by cdhoops on Jun 26, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2018 by moff75

I am currently a zero on Starwood (18,000 points, 6 stays and 8 nights), I am Platinum on Marriott (78 nights) - I got matching Platinum on Starwood from my Marriott status. I will have 3 years of Platinum on Marriott including this year.  I am currently focusing on getting 25 stays in Starwood to get ACTUAL status vs matching status before I merge the two accounts.


My understanding is if I EARN Platinum status on Starwood vs Matching, that I can get a year credit for each.  If true, I will have 4 years of Platinum and next year would be my fifth as I have already qualified for Platinum with 78 nights this year in Marriott.


Hope I'm not confusing everyone, but to my defense is seems pretty easy to do in regards to all this!  Just want to make sure I am getting something out of going all in to get 25 STAYS at Starwood to get a 4th full year of credit.  


Thanks for any info you can share on this topic.