Stand in Solidarity with the Marriott Service Staff

Discussion created by thriftyscrooge on Jun 26, 2018
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I came across this article this evening, and wanted to share it with all the Insiders here. I figured a few of you might be in a hotel tomorrow and experience this yourself. If so, please share your thoughts and experiences. 


“I’m Ready To Fight”: Thousands Of Marriott Workers Will Protest For Safer Conditions This Week 


We have all had our stays enhanced by the work of these hardworking housekeepers, who while mostly invisible during our stays, play a vital part in how we perceive our hotel experiences. 


I hope that Marriott Intl. does the right thing here, and leads the humanity charge in improving the lives of those that do much to make us comfortable in our homes away from home - these are your front line staff; do not neglect them, nor take them for granted!


And for all of us here who are too pre-occupied with our first world issues of LT status, TP's and points... please remember to tip your housekeepers...every stay, every day.. Out of sight, not out of mind.


communitymanagers, could you kindly share a link to this with the corporate overlords? Let them know that their elite members and frequent guests are watching how they handle this matter.