Some June Program Integration Updates

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Here are some recent Integration Updates I finally got around to reading, pretty much the same ol', same ol'


11. If I have credit card free night certificate and want to stay in hotel which requires more than 35K points, can I use my own points to make up the difference? This would be very useful as there often no hotels at a given location that are available for low amount of points.
Not currently but we are looking to add this functionality in the future. <added by Starwood Lurker 04Jun2018>
Who thinks, like Alexander, Marriott will "cut the cord" and creatively solve it in the customers' favor?
13. How many Make a Green Choice points will be awarded per night after August ?
There will be adjustments to the points currently offered. Stay tuned for more information in August! < added by Starwood Lurker 06Jun18
21. Can Marriott Gift Cards and Marriott eCards be used at SPG properties beginning August 1? If not, when will they be accepted?
No, but we are looking into what the possibilities might be for the future. <added by Starwood Lurker 18May18>
The Possibilities are endless, this could take some time
23. Does the $10 USD breakfast credit when restaurant not available apply to both guests staying in the room? i.e. $20 USD if 2 guests There will be more information available on this when the terms and conditions of the new program are published <added by Starwood Lurker 19Jun18>
Even tight fisted CY and minimalist Moxy give $10 per guest +1
25. Will the free access to gym facilities for Platinums for properties that charge for it stay in place? There will be more details to come on this at the appropriate time. <added by Starwood Lurker 19Jun18>

When is the appropriate time?

27. Does Marriott Gold status obtained via RewardsPlus status match from United count as a year of Platinum status in the new combined program (as legacy MR Gold is Platinum in the new program)? Apologies, but this is proprietary information and cannot be revealed. <added by Starwood Lurker 19Jun18>
Ooh, like Plat Premier back in the day - some good ol' Marriott Voodoo
33. After the programs combine does Marriott plan to keep the valuable “Starwood Lurker” on Flyertalk?
       ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ added by Starwood Lurker 21Jun18 >
Sad, but apparently true