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Marriott/SPG Upcoming Linking

Question asked by pat2927 on Jun 25, 2018

The upcoming august merger of both Marriot & SPG is a little confusing.. say I stay so far 17 night with Marriott and then as of August, I stayed YTD in SPG 13 nights...this would equal to 30 nights... does it mean that I would now have 30 nights towards elite tier  and would need only another 20 nights to the new Platinum Elite ? this is the confusing part of the communication - Existing Elite members will continue to be Elite and will achieve a new, but similar, tier level in August. Elite tier will be based on the status earned, not status granted via linking and status matching. See chart below for August status.

i am currently gold in Marriott and then achieved Gold in SPG through my status with Marriott.....Can you explain/clarify / confirm?