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(Event Needs Contract, not who PAY) Terrible Experience to try Event with SPG

Question asked by alexlihk on Jun 23, 2018
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No idea why customer service is terrible now.

Start from March, I had kicked off the planning of first meeting with SPG/Marriott at GuiYang Sheration. And finally confirmed the meeting at 24 to 29 May and confirmed from their sales CarXX sth like SPP will be incentive before.


Before trip, the sales Manager DevXX of GuiYang Sheraton just only asked me for deposit and everything work with my project assistant. When I arrived at 24 May, DevXX said that I did not request incentive for event and not sign any contract... I complaint immediately to hotel and then SPG support but DevXX said that "SPG is useless as it is Marriott manage event now. " I complaint to Marriott and Marriott passed it back to SPG and SPG passed back to the hotel and hotel keep silence and no one investigate until I moved out (Checked out at 29 May). 


Guiyang Sheraton Hotel blackmailed me to stop complaint and on hold the deposit after check out... I was top angry complaint again. Finally, I got my deposit at 4th June 1 week after check out.


I am calling every week and ask for update, both Marriott and SPG replied only "your deposit was returned, what do you want?"


Both of Marriott/SPG supports are challenging that why I don't sign contract. It is strange, as I stayed in Marriott /SPG over years, I will get my incentive if I paid, how can I know that there is a hidden process behind named "contract" there for reward meeting? Reward Meeting with Marriott/SPG is new to me and I ask my project assistant to follow up. DevXX, the sales of GuiYang Sheraton has the responsibility to do it, not a fresh meeting organizer who can predict there is a hidden process there.


The most terrible is that until now, no one is care about complaint, no one follow up the case. DevXX is still laughing out there to claim his commission (I heard that commission will be more if not member referred reward event, that's why spg sales will try to remove out member ID in contract).


Looping case:

DevXX Deliberately concealed the "contract process" for his performance/commission (he knows that SPG can do nothing as Marriott Managed now) => I complaint to Marriott => Marriott Passed to SPG => SPG passed Hotel Manager  => Hotel Manager Passed to Sales Team DevXX => Blackmailed me stop the complaint => Step 1 


Almost a month, case only looping and looping, no one asked any proof of conversation, my deposit for whole event...


This kind of dishonest behavior must not be happened in the past as it is goodwill of Marriott international group. 


But now, everything in chaos, support hotline will not follow, VIP complaint to air...


What Marriott will be after merged?


 communitymanagers I have reached Williams Nell and complaint handling by Marriott International office, but still no one follow up but only DevXX is laughing out there. what can I do?


Customer Service , what can I do? Or wait until merge completed? Thanks.