Average monthly points earnings

Discussion created by wmrobins on Jun 23, 2018
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Finally went through and figured my average points per month earnings for the past 12 months in my quest to secure lifetime platinum before the change (I need points!!).  I was surprised, earnings are over 1.1 million lifetime points earned since joining insiders, and about 400k in the previous 8 yrs as a MR member, so I'm wondering what others are clocking?  Before joining insiders it was dismal... didn't know about the differences between hotel earnings, no clue about megabonus, credit card use, and many other things. 

So currently I am clocking 75,513 pts/month. That is after subtracting the credit card sign-up bonuses I've earned in that time, but includes cc spend.  Also excludes transfers of any kind.

I get that there's countless of factors attributing to monthly totals, this isn't a contest!!!

If you know or have a general idea of your monthly average and care to elaborate on why it is what it is, much appreciated.