Design Hotels - How much are they missing out by not fully participating?

Discussion created by normanp on Jun 19, 2018
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We see lots of posts on Insiders from people who have booked design Hotels then are disappointed by the "limited participation" in the SPG programme, Likewise I am sure that I am not alone in having booked a Design Hotel, then thought better of it because I am unsure what I will be getting when I arrive. I have also booked Design Hotels then changed my mind and gone for a conventional Starwood Hotel, where I know what I will get.  I have never actually stayed at a design hotel despite having over 500 nights in SPG beds and there being lots of Design Hotels in the locations I visit regularly. I would be very interested to hear whether you have had good / bad experiences at Design Hotels or whether you avoid them for the same reasons as me . I can't help thinking that Design Hotels are really missing out on a lot of potential business by not fully participating and wonder whether they will be brought fully into the fold post merger of the programmes.