Ultimate Reservation Guarantee is false

Discussion created by drewjhutton on Jun 18, 2018
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I had a recent experience where I had a two night reservation. 


Upon checking, I was informed they had no rooms.  After about 5 minutes, the front desk informed me that they had one room (different than what I booked) for one night, but I would have to checkout in the AM.  I thought it seemed odd, but I didn't fight it and checked out the next morning.  My colleague and I were chatting the next day (we are both Platinum elite) and he informed me about Elite guarantees with Marriott.   I thought that was cool so I opened a case with Marriott. case number - 24330568.  


Marriott has given me a run around about the guarantee.  I was formerly happy with Marriott, but I think I going to shift the bulk of my hotels to Hilton since I am also Diamond elite with them.   In case anyone is wondering, the details of the guarantee are here - Marriott Rewards® Elite Benefits Guarantee 


The total customer service experience has been awful.  Today, I was told that this only applies to reservations booked 48 hours in advance (website doesn't say that).  I was told it doesn't apply to silver (I told the person in customer service I was reading the website not that I care cause I am platinum.)  She said that she had been trained on it.  I guess she that was a round about way of saying I am a lying.  Also, I was told that I never had a second night reservation (even thought I have an email with the ORIGiNAL reservation). 


Marriott insiders be warned.  I try to keep a sense of humor about it.  This reminds be of the Tommy Boy scene - Tommyboy 04 Guarantee scene - YouTube    


I had asked the issue to be escalated to Marriott senior management, but Marriott has be awful to deal with so I don't have high hopes...