Military Appreciation

Discussion created by viperpilot69 on Jun 18, 2018
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I am a 15 year platinum elite member and an officer in the Air Force (Air National Guard). I am looking for feedback from the community because I need to know if I’m in the wrong with my disagreement with Marriott. 


My family is trying to book a room at the Ft. Walton Beach Courtyard Property (414 Santa Rosa) 28 June - 1 July. My best friend is retiring from Hurlburt after 23 years of service. The hotel has cranked up the rates because it’s “4th of July weekend” (as is the following weekend). I contacted the hotel and they said they don’t offer the military rates on 4th of July and Memorial Day (among other holidays). I asked the GM for an override and she responded that “they don’t do that”.


My question is as followns: is Marriott wrong for making military members pay inflated rates on federal holidays by cancelling all of their military/government rates? Does it change your opinion on July 4th or Veterans Day or Memorial Day vs. holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas?