Name that Room - Week 7

Discussion created by brightlybob on Jun 18, 2018
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It’s Monday and time for a new room brightlybob drinking beer picture!



But why? Well, since you asked, I’m sure you can imagine running Marriott Rewards Insiders most popular quiz since Beat the Chimp (actually I think it gets more contestants than that monkey ever managed) is a hefty responsibility, especially when bejacob is on the road with so many counties to collect, so I offered to stand in whenever needed. It’s a tough job, but the show must go on!


So here’s this weeks hotel room picture. Now, for you Americans this is likely to be tougher than normal since of course international Marriotts don’t exactly copy the furnishings found in the North American properties. So to give you the best chance I’m doubling the normal photos to help you identify the brand. And all you have to do is Name That Room!





And yes, bejacob, I expect your entry so you can feel what it’s like from the contestants side of the interweb screen!


As always, get your answers identifying the Marriott hotel brand in by Friday afternoon, and because there’s so many North Americans I’ll make it Friday afternoon EST, even though that’ll be evening here in Britain!