Aruba Stellaris Advice

Discussion created by pattisca on Jun 16, 2018

Just booked a 5 night stay at Aruba Stellaris in August for my hubby and 3 kids (18, 18, and 15) to celebrate the dual graduation.  I have questions:


  • What water sports are available at the hotel?  Are there some that are included?
  • What is the situation on Marriott's beach -- are there beach chairs, or are they rented?  I cannot find pics to save my life and what the Marriott has are so far away you can't tell
  • Do you have access to the other resort hotels/pools when staying at the "Marriott Compound" -- e.g., Vacation Clubs and Ritz?  What about Flamingo Beach at the Ren?
  • Restaurants within reasonable walking distance?
  • I am hoping to save $$ at some of the local beach restaurants I have looked at online, but can't really find a map of where they are/how far to walk.  Hubby is looking at hip replacement shortly, so I am wondering what is near the Stellaris?
  • Any advice on "just can't miss this" places to visit/excursions?  We were looking at the brewery tour and possibly a Catamaran/snorkel event, but would love other advice
  • Nightlife -- will they let my 15 year old pal around with my two recent graduates or will he be carded and not be allowed into clubs and such?