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What will happen to e-certificates issued prior to 8/1 for category 1-5 certificates that are good for a 7 night stay.  Will they be honored through their expiration date towards the new category 1-5 hotels.

Question asked by dealmister on Jun 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by erc

Marriott over the years has rolled out the revamping of category levels as stating some categories increase while others decrease.


So will this new roll out enable you to use an e-certificate good for a category 1-5 hotel towards the new category 1-5 hotels up through the expiration date of the certificate?  I think that this is only fair as Marriott has taken advantage of that over the years for their benefit.  I remember when Hawaii hotels were a category 5 and currently they are a category 8.  If Marriott will not honor the e-certificates for what they are good for, I.e a hotel that is a category 1-5 at time of booking, I think that a lot of people that have been loyal to Marriott over the years like myself (over 100 nights per year of stays for the past 20 years) will be very upset.  I would hope that Marriott would at least honor the certificates for lifetime platinum members at the new category 1-5 hotels through the expiration date of the certificate.  Does anybody have any information on this?