Need for Realistic pet charges

Discussion created by pinkjasmine on Jun 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by placestoseeandgo

Good Morning, I am becoming more frustrated with the lack of continuity regarding pet charges.  To start with the Westin Hotels not only do NOT charge for pets, they welcome them with beds, bowls and mats!  Their employees are helpful and welcoming.  We have a well behaved golden retriever who travels with us most of the time.  Whenever we go to a Marriott, we must pay $100 per stay regardless if we're there one day or 2 weeks.  That would not be excessive for a longer stay, but for one day, it adds to an already sometimes higher fee depending upon the area.  Some of the properties charge less, but in California, it seems the going rate is $75 to $100.  A frustrating example we continually encounter is when there is a Westin Hotel, such as at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, California with a Marriott exactly one block away.  The Westin does NOT charge and the Marriott charges $100 in addition to Westin's competitive rate.  The Westin is actually closer to the shopping center with a bridge built over the busy street, so technically it should be the higher priced property.  Sometimes it IS higher priced because it is a more upscale property; however, it is usually still at least $50 less than paying the additional dog fee at Marriott.  I discussed this over a year and a half ago with the Marriott manager there and his reply was that since Marriott purchased Starwood, they would most probably implement that same policy.  Well, they haven't and new management says there are no plans.  I'm sure its not up to the local management, but in speaking with Marriott central reservations several times, I still get no answers.  We are platinum members trying to maintain our loyalty to the Marriott products; however just today we found a wonderful little cottage on a beautiful ranch on Air B&B.  We have never used this service before and there will be no additional charge for our dog.  The property is rated 5 Star and is in a beautiful, exclusive area.  The 1 bedroom cottage is beautifully decorated and very unique and is inspiring us to spend more time there.  I spoke at length to the front desk manager when I cancelled our reservation at Marriott so they have our feed back.  We don't want to "lie" about our dog being an "emotional therapy dog"  as many of our friends do.   That doesn't seem right, do you think??