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Platinum breakfast reward for Europe hotel without lounge

Question asked by eashipley on Jun 12, 2018
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Ill be staying at a Marriott Hotel in Europe - the hotel does not have a lounge and normally when I stay there by myself, I get coupons to access the breakfast room free of charge as the means of providing the platinum breakfast benefit.


For this particular trip, ill be going with three other people and we will have a total of three rooms.  My BF (no status) and I in one room, his mom (no status) in a second and my dad (who is also platinum) in the third.


I contacted Marriott and was told that each of the platinums could bring a guest to the breakfast room, so it would work out that the two platinums take the two non status members and we'd all get breakfast .. does anyone know if that sounds correct?  I heard a while back that some of the European hotels are not obligated to follow the Marriott rules.  If I will get the benefit Id go for a room that does not include breakfast, but if at all risky Ill go for the paid breakfast.  


Thanks so much for any guidance you can provide, I really want to  make this trip special for my dad and my boyfriends mom and ensuring they are fed  is a big part of that.