JW Marriott Venice?

Discussion created by bayareawolf on Jun 12, 2018
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Looking for a bit of a splurge on our family summer trip to Italy.   We will be spending a few nights in Venice.  I am looking at burning some points and staying at the JW in Venice.  It looks pretty amazing, on its own island.   I am wondering how easy it is to get to and from the main tourist destinations on the island?  It is a Cat 9 property and for two rooms for two nights is a pretty decent chunk of points.   When my wife and I usually travel in Europe, we stay in small places, rent single rooms, kind of "through the back door" so to speak.   The 4 of us fly to Paris from Venice and then have two nights there as well, part of a Flight/Hotel packaged I booked through the Marriott the kids will get a bit of the familiar when in Paris.   Any advice about the JW Marriott in Venice would be appreciated.