Lifetime Gold, a stop on the road to LTP (or the end of the line)

Discussion created by bejacob on Jun 12, 2018
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With all the discussion of trying to reach lifetime status, it seemed fitting to post my latest update. Some of you may recall my discussion from last fall Lifetime Silver, a Stop on the Road to Lifetime Platinum. As I was getting close, I decided to transfer some points over from my Chase Sapphire Reserve card and cross the threshold a bit earlier than I had planned. Here are the relevant totals as of mid-June

I've done it. I've reached LTG which will be come LTP in the combined program. Not bad as I celebrated my 7th anniversary of joining Marriott Rewards earlier this year. 


Now the big question. Is there any way I can get to LTP (soon to be LTPP) by the end of the year?


At first glance, it would appear that I've got too far to go to get 750 nights and 2M points.

Looking back at where I was when I reached LTS in September 2017, I've manufactured 184 nights and 403,153 points in roughly 9 months. Might I be able to collect the remaining 143 nights and 396,821 points in the next 6½ months? 


I'm considering my options.


Rewarding Events will have to figure heavily if I hope to get to 750 nights and with possible changes coming to that program, I may need to act sooner rather than later. I'll clearly need to transfer points in from somewhere (CSR or United) and likely purchase the 50k maximum as well. Of course there are a few unknowns. How beneficial will the fall MegaBonus be? How many more nights and points can I earn by using my Marriott Rewards Visa? (I need new tires, new glasses, and a new laptop so those might help). How much additional (currently unplanned) travel might I have ? 


At the moment, I'm going to assume I can make it and take the appropriate actions. If, in a couple months, it appears I was mistaken, at least I'll have LTP in the new program and have earned PP for next year. There are worse places I could be.