Card Upgrade - Path to Gold vs 15 nights

Discussion created by pventrella on Jun 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2018 by martinr

With the upgrade to the new Premier card, I noted that they're changing the 15 night on account anniversary to "Path to Gold Status" with $35,000 spend.  I can't find much info on that, and I'm pretty sure I don't spend that much a year on the card.  They also said that there's "up to" 15 nights annually.  


All of the upgrades sound great except for this one item!  I need those 15 nights to make it to Gold (which is turning to Platinum after the merge) and this squishy "up to" verbiage is a little concerning.


If I get the upgraded card and don't spend the $35,000, will I not get the 15 nights?  What do I get when I spend that much (which I know I won't)?  The online documentation is sparse and/or hard to find.  Anyone have more insight about this one particular item?