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Which San Francisco Property is Best?

Question asked by kharada46 on Jun 12, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2018 by kharada46

Hey Insiders!  I have a trip to NorCal coming up later this year and have a little conundrum on my hands... Namely, I can't decide between the San Francisco Marriott Union Square, the JW Marriott San Francisco, and the Hotel Adagio.  Now, I've become a fan of Autograph Collection properties as of late, but I've been reading a number of reviews that talk about how seedy the area surrounding the hotel is.  And given that we'll be out fairly late on most of our 3-night stay, this is a cause for concern.  Otherwise, the hotel looks great.  


On the other hand, the Marriott is right next to Union Square, right next to the Powell Trolly, and the room I'm currently booked into is a Bay View room.  Concierge Lounge access doesn't hurt either.  The JW Marriott looks nice too, but I'm seeing a number of complaints regarding street noise.  Plus there doesn't appear to be a lounge, and the small size of the hotel seems to mean that upgrades are hard to come by.  


So what do you guys think?  How have your stays been at any of these hotels?  Oh, and the rate I got for all 3 properties are roughly the same, which is making this decision more difficult.