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Points, Nights & The New Credit Card - What would you do?

Question asked by joeyo38 on Jun 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2018 by good7790

I typically end each year with 50-55 nights, just enough to earn me Gold Status. 10-15 of those nights come from the $3,000 bonus the old credit card offered. The new credit card does not offer that bonus. So I have a choice to make and would love some input. 


-Switching to the new card earns me more points but after 2019 I will likely never be Platinum. I estimate I'll have about 30-35 nights per year.


-Keeping the old card with the $3,000 = 1 night bonus will pretty much guarantee me Platinum but I will be earning fewer points. 


What would you do? Keep the old card, earn fewer points and be Platinum? Or switch to the new card, earn more points and be Gold?


Lifetime status won't play into it for me. I have 411 lifetime nights but I am still 2 years away from lifetime Gold. And a minimum of 10 years from lifetime Platinum.