Nominate Christian Berrios for Spirit to Serve

Discussion created by nmballoonist on Jun 10, 2018
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While I am a bit late in getting this posted, I want to recognize the exceptional service provided by Christian Berrios, Rooms Operations Manager at the JW Marriott Atlanta Buckhead.  I needed to go to Atlanta for about a week in early May to help our daughter, who is a GaTech student, pack up her current apartment and store her things until she moves to a new apartment this fall.  I always try to stay at the JW if they are not booked and the rates are reasonable.


I was having a hard time using the web site to get the best rate between government, AAA, and others.  Unfortunately the Marriott web site will only let you do a reservation at one rate, even if a cheaper rate might be available for a few days during that time.  Not wanting to have three different reservations for one stay, I reached out to the JW to see if they could help.  I was put in contact with Mr. Berrios.  He immediately got a single reservation put together at a reasonable rate for me.  When three reservations showed up in the system, was made sure that there was only one at at the correct rate.  He checked in with me prior to my arrival and once I was there to make sure everything was fine.  When I thought there might be a chance we would need an additional day to finish the move (which we didn't) and I inquired about extending, he told me that they were booked but provided me with a listing of available Marriott properties and prices in the area.  He even offered to assist in making a booking.


His helpfulness and positive attitude towards his guests, deserves being nominated for the Spirit to Serve award.