Best way of booking for Upgrade for Marriott Osaka Miyako

Discussion created by shinmugen on Jun 10, 2018
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My Wife, my son (aged 17) and I will be going to Osaka at the end of August this year.  My Wife is a Platinum Elite and I am a Gold member.  When I book the room, I noticed that there are 3 persons booking can be accommodated in  the Deluxe, Guest room, 2 Twin/Single Bed(s), City view with the price of 3 adults.  Having some thoughts about this, the following questions come in my mind:-

(1) Would it be more economical and comfortable for me to book 2 rooms, one double and a one person's room to host 3 persons? As the price for Deluxe Guest Room 2 Twin is for 3 persons, I presume there might be an additional bed to be put in the room.  Should the price of 2 rooms be roughly the same, would it be more comfortable for me (Gold Member) to stay in one room and for my wife (Platinum) to stay with my son in another room?  Any chance for 3 persons booking in one room to be upgraded to suites?

(2) Would it be easier for me and my family to be upgraded in a Deluxe Guest Room 2 Twin is for 3 persons, or two separate rooms as an Platinum and Gold Members? I mean, would the hotel have more available from for 3 persons or two separate rooms for 2 persons and 1 person?

(3) What is the different in treatment for Platinum and Gold member? Would the chance of room upgraded be higher for Platinum than Gold? (I presumed Yes).  In terms of membership benefit, what else will be different?

(4) if I booked my accommodation from, would I still entitle for the upgrade as Gold member? For SPG, I think you won't be entitled unless booking form SPG web.


Thank you for your help.