I Made It!!!

Discussion created by profbes on Jun 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2018 by painedplatinum

While having my first cup of coffee this morning I looked at my Marriott account and lo and behold I had made Lifetime Platinum overnight. My credit card upgrade points (all 50,000 of them) had posted overnight. I sat at just over 2 million lifetime to go with my 850 nights and it immediately indicated Lifetime Platinum. Not as exciting as checking into a great hotel and have bells and whistles go off. No Platinumboyforever leap for joy! Trust me, no one wants a picture before my first cup of coffee! Actually kind of anticlimactic to get it this way but I'll take it.  In my 19th year of membership it represents a lot of great trips, some ordinary trips, and even a couple of memorable for the wrong reason trips. All in all Marriott has treated me well and I plan to remain loyal but occasionally check out other properties to develop a comparison group. I look forward to trying some former Starwood properties, particularly excited about  options in Hawaii. But it is really nice to only acquire nights and chase points so I have points to use, not to worry about status ever again (at least until they introduce Diamond status or something).