Sao Paulo Renaissance (Brazil)

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First time in Sao Paulo, Brazil (because, typically, when I end up in Brazil, it's Brasilia, which is a horse of a different color), and spent a fair amount of time in the downtown Renaissance.  Multi-day conference in the hotel and ... frankly ... I'm somewhat embarrassed that I only really left the hotel once (for a very nice dinner at a pricey, impressive view restaurant).  Overall, a very positive first impression.

  • Solid breakfast (ground floor) and nicely managed concierge lounge. (The ground floor breakfast is a better option than the concierge lounge, particularly if you like your eggs/omelette to order.)
    • Concierge lounge has killer views in three directions.  Just an example:
  • Snack and lunch catering ... and coffee service ... were all quite good.
    • Buffet lunches - although served in a sub-basement, windowless room - were a real crowd pleaser.  Full salad, hot entry, veggie, starch and dessert selection.   Folks really enjoyed the attractive, diverse, and tasty selection of shot-glass sized desserts, too.  Throw in the tables heaped with finger foods at the break - no one went hungry.
  • Impressive, responsive, and effective audio-visual facilities support. (The staff was all about making things WORK!) A number of my colleagues remarked that they couldn't remember the last time they attended (or participated in) a conference in which all of the A/V and logistics stuff was that smooth as silk throughout.
    • Even the little stuff - excellent conference room WiFi, and unlimited bottled water service (with a choice of still or sparkling)...
  • Nespresso coffee everywhere:
    • high-end industrial Nespresso machine (with three settings and four or five coffee pod options) in the concierge lounge;
    • individual Nespresso machine in my guest room (with three pods included per day)...
      • the only downside to in-room Nespresso was it was unclear to me how one would/could make a cup of tea if that's your preference....
  • One of my favorite features - electronic (button controlled) black-out blinds in my guest room.  
    • Black out blinds are a nice feature, in and of themselves, but these were particularly slick.
  • Really nice gym: lots of equipment, lots of options, and a very responsive, friendly, engaged staff (until 10 pm at night, as I recall).  There appeared to be a nice spa too, but I didn't test drive it.
  • Surprisingly (OK, frustratingly) slow elevators for a tall building ... and it appeared that one may have been out of service.
  • A number of my colleagues and I found the temperature control on the shower to be (unusually, extraordinarily difficult and) problematic.  Almost everyone was scalded - to some extent - on at least one occasion.  Alas.