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How to earn 500K points to achieve LT Gold before year's end?

Question asked by pjlee22 on Jun 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2018 by arizonatag

First time posting after reading this board quite a bit this year.  I am trying to achieve lifetime gold in Marriott by year's end.  I have already hit the night requirement (521 and counting) but I am stuck at 1.1 million points.  


If I buy 50K points, get transferred another 50K from a buddy who is willing to help me out, that gets me to 1.2.  I am staying at as many Starwood groups because I average a few hundred more points after the transfer happens compared to a Marriott property.  I am roughly going to stay another 120-150 nights in a hotel this year.  If I average roughly 2K a night that will net me another 240K hopefully on the low end.  I have another 9K in starwood points so that is 27K I can get from there.  


I should have signed up for the Starwood card when they had the point bonus because those points would have been very useful.  


I have the marriott card and put only hotel spending on this.  Should I use the card for other things to hopefully accelerate earnings.


I only started at this about a 18 months ago, so I am earning at a pretty good rate but I think I have just run out of time and bonuses.