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Could combining my SPG & MR accounts after 8/1 jeopardize me reaching LTPP under current MR criteria???

Question asked by malstott45 on Jun 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2018 by yogib

I currently am only 25 nights away from meeting the existing MR criteria for LTP (750 nts + 2 million pts). I will easily hit this criteria before 12/31/18 (but not by 8/1).   From what I read in multiple posts, is it correct that I DO NOT want to combine my SPG & MR rewards accounts on or after 8/1. 


It it looks like some insiders are reporting that once you combine your accounts on or after 8/1 that I would not be able  to achieve LTPunder the current criteria (750nts+2 million points) since the accounts would now be combined? True?


Also, I currently have my SPG & MR accounts connected to get plat status through SPG due to my current Marriott plat status. DO I NEED TO SOMEHOW UNCONNECT THESE ACCOUNTS BEFORE AUGUST 1?


I definitely do not want to put into jeopardy me reaching LTP as I will easily hit it through 2million pts and 750nts sometime after 8/1 but before 12/31/18. The end goal of course is getting to LTPP on 1/1/19. 


communitymanagers can you help?  Maybe mrwhipple13 brightlybob platinumboyforever  nationwide or others might know?  You guys all rock!




P.S. I don’t know the difference between mentions and hashtags so I’m doing both. Sorry still trying to learn how to post correctly. lol!


Thanks so much for your guidance here!