Marriott Service Lacking.  What happens when the programs merge?

Discussion created by jrmchicago on Jun 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2018 by painedplatinum

I couldn't log into my account this morning to make a reservation online so I called the reservation number on my phone app.  After waiting over five minutes on hold (so much for a PP dedicated number to call), I got a guy who tried to help me.  He made the reservation I needed and sent me an email confirming it (I actually received two emails: one from Marriott Rewards Reservations and one from Courtyard.  Both looked correct.


This afternoon I was finally able to log into my account and the online reservation showed it was for TWO nights, one using points and another apparently using a certificate (which I don't have any).  I called the reservation number and after 10 minutes on hold, I called the Rewards number (both of which were on the app).  I got the same recorded message so I'm no longer certain they are separate numbers.  Anyway, after 16 minutes on hold I got a guy on the line.  I immediately asked for a supervisor and he informed me he was the supervisor. 


He looked up my reservation and confirmed it was for two nights.  I asked why I had an email correctly stating only one night.  He had no explanation for the difference but he did manage to correct it.  It still shows a certificate is to be used so who knows, maybe I'll save some points.


I just wonder what's going to happen come August when the programs merge.  Hopefully the SPG IT team will be in charge but I'm not holding my breath.