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Any reason not to go ahead and start mixing in stays at SPG?

Question asked by 7 on Jun 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2018 by brianandlin

Since the programs are still separate I've still been trying to stick with Marriott when available to ensure I get my 50 nights to maintain my Gold (soon to be Platinum) status. So, I am currently at 34 Marriott and only 5 SPG. 


But, it seems when the programs combine in August the nights will combine as well and so I may as well go ahead an start staying at SPG if we feel like it?


I have a 9 night stay coming up in DC in about a month and was looking at staying at either the JW or Ritz Pentagon City. But, since SPG nights will combine maybe I should consider some SPG properties as well?


I also have a stay in Bangkok in September and the event I'm going for is at an SPG Luxury Collection property, so I'll almost certainly want to stay there, but since the programs will be combined combined by then it really shouldn't matter.


So is there any reason for me to stick with Marriott for now or should I go ahead and start exploring SPG?