Booking Mistake Penalized at a time of Personal Grief

Discussion created by karam on Jun 5, 2018
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My wife lost her father about ten days ago in Quebec, Canada. Dealing with this unexpected news and shock, she had to make couple bookings through Expedia on the run, one was a flight from SW Florida to Manchester, N.H. to meet her siblings first, and the other one at MARRIOTT COURTYARD MANCHESTER, N.H. to spend the night. 


Her flight to Manchester, N.H. was canceled on her stopover to Atlanta and re-routed to Boston, MA thus she never ended up in Manchester or the hotel. At such a time, she did not care about the one night charge, until 4 days later in Canada, when she saw she was charged for 7 nights by the hotel. Apparently she had made a booking mistake during such a time of crisis! If she had ended up in Manchester as originally planned, she could have realized the mistake. 


Numerous calls to the hotel and trying to reach its GM went fruitless. Same no solution was achieved with the Expedia people.  After a few more comments on surveys sent by the hotel, they may have agreed on a two day refund, but my question remains; It may be legal do the hotel to charge despite realizing it was a mistake made by a grieving daughter during his father’s death, but is it ethical to take advantage of such a situation?