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Connect & Collect program - what does it actually do with your accounts?

Question asked by martinr on Jun 4, 2018
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Regarding - #RewardsPoints by Marriott Rewards| Chirpify 


When you sign up for this program with Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter, what exactly does it enable Marriott/Chirpify to do with your social media accounts?


The text on the sign up page says, "Don’t worry, we keep your data private and will never post on your behalf" which seems to indicate that they could post through my social media accounts if they wanted to.


Does it allow Marriott/Chirpfy to access my accounts as if it were actually me?  Scrape my information?  GIve them login access?  Or is this a new form of Friending, Liking, Following or some such?


I'm asking here because, after scouring Insiders and searching the internet, I haven't seen any explanation of what connecting via Chirpify actually does to your social media accounts, not to mention one's privacy.  Chirpify's own website isn't particularly revealing, either, except for this chart -> Engagement and Loyalty Platform which seems to indicate that connecting provides Chirpify with visibility to everything you might do ("Triggers") in any of your connected social media accounts.