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Internet Customer Care is not helping me, who should I contact?

Question asked by pgaribian on Jun 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by sonnyandsam

Hi there,

I've stayed last month for two weeks in the Reinassance Caracas, Venezuela. My stay is not being reflected in my Marriott Rewards account, so I asked Internet Customer Care to please help me out. After 14 e-mails, in which I've sent the invoice the staff in Caracas gave me, they say they can't add the nights to my account because the subtotal has not been included in the invoice. I asked her to please contact her fellow Marriott employees in Caracas and ask for the number and other information she would eventually require. In the last e-mail she asked me to call myself to Caracas because her contact at the hotel was not answering. As client I expect the company to resolve this kind of problems internally and through their own channels. Clearly, Customer Care can't resolve this fair claim. Who should I contact?