Marriott Bills - emails inconsistent

Discussion created by hk94 on Jun 5, 2018
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I'm only a lowly Gold member (50 nights a year), but I'm having problems with getting consistent a bill from Marriott hotels after I stay. I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this, and hoping someone from Marriott sees this and understands why this is becoming a hardship for those of us who need to reimburse their expenses.


Below is a timeline of a recent stay. Unfortunately, this is becoming a common occurrence.


1. I checked into my hotel (Detroit Metro Airport Marriott). The associate at the front desk acknowledged my status (as normal), and upgraded me. All good and expected for here. 

2. When I was ready to check out the next morning, I had not received a copy of my bill. When I went to the front desk to inquire about a bill, I was told they no longer provide them, and I will be emailed. This is such a ridiculous practice - how am I supposed to agree to the charges when I check out if they aren't presented? However, I needed to get to the airport for a flight, and decided I'd handle it later.

3. 1 week has passed, and I never received an email bill from Marriott. This is not surprising, as I only get the "Your Recent Stay" email about 30% of the time. It is not in my spam/junk folder; Marriott is just not very good at getting me this detail. (Unsolicited feedback - it would be great if you just made it available in my app).

4. I went into the website to download the bill 7 days after the stay. The link doesn't download anything.

5. I called to get some details. I was transferred several times and put on hold, but finally got someone who called the hotel, and read off the details of the bill to me. Please note - I still do not have the bill.

6. I asked that the bill be emailed to me. I was put on hold again while they called the hotel and asked that the bill be sent to me.

7. I was informed that the bill was sent to my address on file (which I confirmed). That was 30 minutes ago, it still hasn't arrived.


I hope Marriott can see why this is a BIG PROBLEM. I cannot reimburse expenses without a bill. Furthermore, the burden should never be placed on me to get this simple information.