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Help with my points?

Question asked by volgirl2000 on Jun 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2018 by nationwide

Hello communitymanagers I wanted to see if there was any way you could help with reinstating my reward points.  I logged in last night to book a stay for next week and just realized they expired a few months ago and I'm very sad about it.  I purposely booked my wedding at a Marriott so we would accumulate points with them and was told they wouldn't expire so I didn't even think to watch out for it.  We were also planning on getting the credit card as well to accumulate even more points with them, but now that I found out I just lost 38K of points makes me very frustrated and disappointed.  I traveled a lot growing up and have always held Marriott in the highest regard compared to other hotel chains.  I personally have told many people in that past about my experiences with Marriott and how great the customer service and brand was.  However, right now I feel cheated.  I went through my inbox and did receive 1 email about a month before they expired that it was going to happen but that is it.  However, I receive 5 promotional emails a day in comparison and there's no way to keep up with that.  I don't think that's really fair, and honestly, as reputable as Marriott presents itself I'm surprised that they did that.  Is there anyway I can get my points reinstated?  I really want to still love Marriott and keep my relationship with them, please help! 


Thanks so much for reading and your consideration!