Ambassador Program

Discussion created by shoeman1000 on Jun 2, 2018
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For those of you that wonder what the Ambassador Program means top those that qualify for it, here is a taste of what it has meant to me in the 2 years of membership.   


While many upgrades I receive can be attributed to my PP status, special upgrades at resort properties, point stays, and certain stays where an upgrade is totally unexpected, are all due, in my opinion,  to my membership in the Ambassador Program.  I sometimes feel as though I have a guardian angel looking out for me as I navigate the country in my travels.   This is a level that anyone close to reaching should push a bit harder to achieve as it is well worth it.


Of course, a special shout out to my Ambassador  margaret tylski who reached out yesterday top check on my arrival time in NYC tomorrow.  Seems she had a pair of tickets for a Mets-Cubs Baseball game and was offering them up.


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