My best Marriott story...

Discussion created by aaronplatinum4life on Jun 2, 2018
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...as I'm a P4L, whenever I get a welcoming letter from the GM, I like to chat him or her up during my stay to tell him/her my impressions of the hotel.  Two years ago I stayed 3 nights at the Prague Marriott and had a really nice stay.  On the 3rd morning, I went down to the Front Desk with my welcoming letter and asked to speak to the GM.  The Front Desk Clerk immediately thought I had an issue and asked if there was anything he could do to help. I told him yes, he could get me the GM if she was around.  


He went in the back and brought the woman out.  It turned out we recognized each  other from the EL, she had been in there each morning.  I didn't realize she was the GM!  I told her I was very happy with my stay and that it was a very nice property.  Well, the clerk's eyes nearly popped out of his head.  I don't think he ever had a guest come down and ask for the GM to compliment her.  It was pretty funny...